Teachers as digital curators and distributors

As educators, we often talk about the changing skill set for todays learners, the 21st Century skills, essential for our children to adequately prepared for adult life in the digital world. One thing I think we can overlook however, is the changing skill set required by 21st century educators. Today, I’d like to look at one aspect of this: Teachers as digital curators and distributors. Continue reading

How to guide – Green Screen using iMovie

Following on from my post about a filmmaking project involving green screen, or chromakey, I thought I would put together a few simple steps on how to achieve an effect. We are fortunate to have MacBook Airs, which I think are great for speeding up workflow (with AirDrop) and they come with iMovie pre-installed. This is a fantastic application which makes it very simple to produce a high quality output. Green screening is built in too! Continue reading

“Quiet on set…and ROLLING!”

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Creating video projects with students is always rewarding. There is so much learning going on from the students and the teachers! Hitches and problems are overcome and students get the opportunity to show some creativity. Throw in a green screen, some props and a brilliant, meaningful writing prompt and you are onto a winner as I found out this week working with grade 3 on their Unit of Inquiry, How We Organise Ourselves. Continue reading

The best collaboration tools for the classroom

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Collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking are some of the key skills that we need to nurture and encourage in our learners. I am always on the look out for learning opportunities that utilise these skills, and I love discovering tools which can be used in the classroom that can support them.

Here are some of the best tools I’ve found for collaboration in the classroom. Continue reading

The best replacement for Skitch?

I must start this blog post by expressing my gratitude to Kathy Schrock (@kathyschrock) After posting my My top 10 apps for a Primary School iPad she kindly informed me of an oversight I had made. As of January, Evernote would no longer be offering support for Skitch. While this doesn’t mean that the app will be ‘switched off’, it means that new iPads being setup can’t install the app and it won’t be updated. This means that it will likely just be a matter of time before it stops working completely after an iOS update. So, it begs the question, “What is the best replacement for Skitch on a school iPad?”

Continue reading