Using iMovie to Explore moral dilemmas

I love using drama techniques in classes. I have found that it really enhances the ability of a class to empathise with a character. Two I particularly like are ‘conscience alley’ and ‘hotseating’ where you can explore a characters motivations, background and moral dilemmas they may face. Here is an idea for a video project using some of the thoughts and discussion arising from analysing the advantages and disadvantages of a particular decision.good-1123013_960_720.jpg

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3 Tools for Youtube in the Classroom


Youtube is probably one of the best educational tools available to teachers now. The #Education channel has over 10 million subscribers, with just the top 3 (Khan Academy, Howcast & SuperSimple Songs) chalking up almost 7 billion views between them (from

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My top 10 apps for a Primary School iPad


Whenever you speak to teachers about integrating technology into learning experiences, the first question is usually, “Which apps should we be using”. I’m always on the look out for new tools to assess students understanding, support collaboration and provide meaningful feedback, I can usually rely on my toolkit of my top 10 apps  for a primary school iPad.

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Behind the Mask – Yakit Kids and Chatterpix in the classroom

One of the things I love about using iPad in the classroom is that it can really level the playing field for students. We all have children in our classes who are reluctant to raise their hand, shy away from being the centre of attention  and struggle to ask for help. Of course it is our job as educators to make sure our learning environment makes all of our learners feel safe and secure, and we must encourage our students to be risk takers, but sometimes technology offers us a few opportunities to help with this.

Today I’d like to talk about using two fantastic apps to turn pictures into talking characters to help encourage speaking and listening.


Yakit Kids by Freak’n Genius


Chatterpix Kids by Duck Duck Moose

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