The best apps and strategies for a single iPad Classroom

The best apps and strategies to maximise the learning potential for your students, in a single iPad classroom.

There is no doubt that the iPad was designed to be a single user device. iOS 9.3 may change this, but as written about by Fraser Speirs here, they may still spell problems down the line unless schools are willing to invest in large capacity iPads.

1:1 in the classroom opens up many opportunities for spontaneous use from students in order to ensure that technology is not simply an add-on, but a way that a student works. They choose how and when to use their tech in order to organise themselves, dig deeper by accessing research – for technology to have a transformational effect, 1:1 is the way forward. For many schools though, 1:1 is simply not a viable option. Having just one iPad in the classroom often becomes a reward for early finishing students or a glorified digital camera, these obviously are not providing value for money, and in the former, simply counter productive.

Here are some ideas and tools that I’ve learnt from teaching this year with just my iPad that you can use in class in order to make best use of the technology available to you.


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Word Clouds – The Sky is the limit

Word clouds are great for use in the classroom. It is a visual display of a collection of words taken from the students, a text or a survey. I’ve seen some brilliant uses of these over the years, as it is a great way to provide a summary of data or even analyse text.

There are lots of different web tools (and iPad apps) which can be used to create word clouds, but I’m going to focus on just a few which I like using Tagul & AnswerGarden.

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Class Dojo to promote PYP Attitudes

I’ve used Class Dojo in the last two schools I’ve worked in. I think it is a great tool which can be used to impact the learning environment in a positive way. Students really respond to the ‘dink’ sound it makes, especially if you have it running on the class projector while you are working with a focus group!


From Class Dojo training pack

When I started at my new school, we were looking for an innovative way to encourage the students to demonstrate the PYP attitudes, which are what we as educators want our learners to feel, value and demonstrate. Class Dojo was perfect!

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