Using iMovie to Explore moral dilemmas

I love using drama techniques in classes. I have found that it really enhances the ability of a class to empathise with a character. Two I particularly like are ‘conscience alley’ and ‘hotseating’ where you can explore a characters motivations, background and moral dilemmas they may face. Here is an idea for a video project using some of the thoughts and discussion arising from analysing the advantages and disadvantages of a particular decision.good-1123013_960_720.jpg

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Sharing Stories with Adobe Voice

I love apps which are open ended. They allow students and teachers to be creative with their use. I also love apps which are free, don’t contain advertising and promote digital citizenship. Adobe voice does all of these things, providing a simple platform to create stories composed of images, music, icons, text and most importantly your Voice!

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The best replacement for Skitch?

I must start this blog post by expressing my gratitude to Kathy Schrock (@kathyschrock) After posting my My top 10 apps for a Primary School iPad she kindly informed me of an oversight I had made. As of January, Evernote would no longer be offering support for Skitch. While this doesn’t mean that the app will be ‘switched off’, it means that new iPads being setup can’t install the app and it won’t be updated. This means that it will likely just be a matter of time before it stops working completely after an iOS update. So, it begs the question, “What is the best replacement for Skitch on a school iPad?”

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My top 10 apps for a Primary School iPad


Whenever you speak to teachers about integrating technology into learning experiences, the first question is usually, “Which apps should we be using”. I’m always on the look out for new tools to assess students understanding, support collaboration and provide meaningful feedback, I can usually rely on my toolkit of my top 10 apps  for a primary school iPad.

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Will it Blend? Combining Apps to investigate angles around us

‘AppSmashing’ is a term that has been used for the last few years, first coined by @gregkulowiec. He has done some amazing work investigating with students how different apps can be combined. You can read all about this here, on his website.

I really like the AppSmashing process, I just don’t like the name. I prefer to say AppBlending…it just sounds a little less aggressive to me!

App Blend.png

Blender – by Pieter Willems adapted by @TheTeachGeek

In last week’s #ADEchat there was a lot of discussion about the iPad’s built-in camera, and how the camera app was in fact one of the most useful.

Now, I agree that the camera is a fantastic tool. It makes connections between the digital and the analogue straight forward, I just think teachers need to be creative with its use so it doesn’t become a stale learning activity.

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