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The above quote from @DavidGuerin  really struck a chord with me. When using technology in the classroom we must focus on the learning. How can that outcome be improved or amplified using technology?

My current role is Technology Integration Leader in an international primary school. Day to day I work alongside class teachers showing them ways we can integrate technology in order to improve the outcomes for the students. I think it is really important for schools to invest in qualified teachers to carry out roles like mine to lead a pedagogy first model. We can evaluate technological tools and see which will be suitable to enhance what is going on in the classroom or provide a boost for those students who require it.

The teacher is the most important tool in the classroom for the students to learn from. It is there job to nurture the curiosity of the child and support their enquiry.

Working alongside some fantastic, experienced teachers, for some of whom, the idea of integrating technology seems daunting has really hammered home for me the role of technology in the classroom. We should be looking at ways technology can improve what we know works for students. We can improve or streamline the way in which feedback is given. Technology can combine formative assessment strategies with increased engagement. Collaboration, problem based learning  and self-evaluation can all be boosted in the class by using technology well.

This blog will serve to share some of the tools and strategies I’ve used as well as give guidance and resources to help integrate these into your own lessons.

After qualifying as a primary teacher in Scotland, with a PGDE  (Curriculum For Excellence), I travelled overseas to China, to work in a British international school (National Curriculum). After four years of teaching and leading technology, I’ve relocated to Spain with my young family, to undertake a Technology Integration Leader position (Primary Years Programme).

I am passionate about improving learning outcomes in the classroom using technology. I first used iPads when leading a 1:1 iPad mini pilot in China in 2012. Since then, I’ve carried out a great deal of personal professional development and been fortunate to attend some excellent conferences and network with some of the most influential individuals in edtech around the world.

You can contact me via Twitter @theteachgeek or fire me an email: theteachgeek@gmail.com

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