Video Analysis and Feedback in the Classroom

We know that self and peer assessment are key components to effective learning. Embedding opportunities for this to arise in your planned learning experiences can have a huge impact for students. They can identify their current stage and know their next steps in order to progress. I love using video in class to reflect on a performance as well as give an opportunity for peer assessment.

Hudl Technique (formerly Ubersense) is a fantastic, free video analysis tool available for unnamed.pngiPad and android devices. The app is relatively simple to use and has remarkable functionality for a free tool including side by side video comparison, slow motion playback, frame by frame scrubbing wheel as well as annotation and voice recording for detailed analysis videos.















Videos can be imported from the camera roll or recorded live in the app, you can then use the scrubbing wheels to analyse your own, or a peer’s technique. I have used the app several times with classes over the years and have always been impressed with the impact. Students quickly feel like experts, and give constructive criticism as well as detailed and accurate reflections. The beauty of having it on an iPad, is that this can all be done during the PE lesson and allow for a repeat performance. The ability for students to get instant feedback, then attempt to improve is extremely powerful.

From my experience in the classroom, the best way to use a tool such as this is to first co-construct success criteria with students for a specific skill. This could be for example, performing a chipped pass in football, throwing a cricket ball or striking a ball from a tee. It is important to focus on a single skill instead of a complete performance (particularly in the primary school) An effective way to do this is to watch a video of an elite athlete performing the same skill, youtube is a great source of these.

As mentioned above, students can film each other performing then give them constructive feedback instantly. Hudl Technique has a very intuitive interface which allows for scrolling from frame to frame forwards or backwards to look very closely at individual movements. I have always been impressed with the discussions which occur in this sort of lesson. Students debating whether a ‘hitchkick’ has been successfully performed, has the weight been transferred correctly, is the angle of release within the optimum range? It’s great as this takes the learning beyond simply improving the skill in PE. Students are developing their critical thinking skills and metacognition.


As a follow up to lessons like this. I tend to ask students to create a video review of their own performance. This is where in the app you select the microphone and begin recording a video. You control the playback of the video whilst talking about it. Hudl also allows you to draw on the video whilst you are recording, several other similar apps don’t have this functionality.

If you are a PE teacher, team coach or a class teacher taking the odd PE session, I would thoroughly recommend planning this tool into your learning experiences. It provides fantastic assessment opportunities and you will be amazed at the progress your students will make, both in the skill they are practising as well as their learning skills.

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