Will it Blend? Combining Apps to investigate angles around us

‘AppSmashing’ is a term that has been used for the last few years, first coined by @gregkulowiec. He has done some amazing work investigating with students how different apps can be combined. You can read all about this here, on his website.

I really like the AppSmashing process, I just don’t like the name. I prefer to say AppBlending…it just sounds a little less aggressive to me!

App Blend.png

Blender – by Pieter Willems adapted by @TheTeachGeek

In last week’s #ADEchat there was a lot of discussion about the iPad’s built-in camera, and how the camera app was in fact one of the most useful.

Now, I agree that the camera is a fantastic tool. It makes connections between the digital and the analogue straight forward, I just think teachers need to be creative with its use so it doesn’t become a stale learning activity.

angles blend.png

After a short review on angles, students were asked to move around the school looking for examples of angles in their environment and take photos of them. When we got back to class we started by putting them into PicCollage. I love using PicCollage, I think it is a very easy way for students to share information, it is easy to make things look great and the kids love using it. It is marketed as an app to create social media images but I think it should be on every school iPad. By choosing the ‘Create Grid’ option, the app will automatically arrange any pictures you select from your photos however you wish. After doing this, students labelled their photos, classifying their angle and estimating their size.

iPad tip – the degrees sign can be found by holding down ‘0’ on the keyboard.

After saving this collage to their Photos, students opened it in Tap2Measure, an app which is designed for use by interior designers/hobbyists, but can certainly be put to use in the classroom. Students then used the built-in measurement tools to see what the actual size of their angles were.


As you can see, the picture output from Tap2Measure isn’t the easiest to read. We got around this by saving the work and then opening it to annotate using Skitch, we also marked the work using the built-in stickers.


Students got a lot out of the experience and it was a good revision of angle classification, estimation and measurement.

If you like my graphics check out The Noun Project
Photographs from Pixabay.com

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